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Library Displays: Women in Mathematics - MATH 310

Information on the resources on display at Simmons Library

About this Display

Students in Professor Donna Beers's MATH 310: Modern Algebra class are helping to create a new tradition at Simmons College: the celebration of Women in Mathematics during Women's History Month. Students have identified and developed their own projects on women in mathematics, some of which are on display in the library.  View the titles on display, as well as additional resources on women and mathematics in the library collection, in the "Featured Titles" list on the left. For additional information and resources on mathematics research and careers, please see Beatley Library's Mathematics research guide.

Library display on influential algebraist Emmy Noether, by Sarah Elmore and Emily Hanke

Library display on French mathematician Sophie Germain, by Antonya Alleyne and Rachel Puder

Science Building display on contemporary female mathematicians, by Felicia Lin, Thy Duong, and Ramona Latronica

Display on the ten most famous women mathematicians of all time, by Meghan Corbett, Laura Travers, and Grace Vanderhoop

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