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Library Displays: Canada Day (July 2013)

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These items are currently on display in Beatley Library.

About this Display

 July 1st is Canada Day! Originally known as "Dominion Day," this holiday celebrates the anniversary of the confederation of Canada. The Constitution of Act of 1867 combined the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada (now Ontario and Quebec) into one country. 

Check out books on the history of Canada, as well as books by some of our favorite Canadian authors. View the titles on display in the "Featured Titles" list on the left.

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Visit the website Canada Day in the Capital to learn more about this year's festivities, as well as the history of Canada Day celebrations. Or celebrate by making Canada-inspired crafts!

Interested in planning a vacation? Check out Explore Canada for travel information and photos. You can find more travel info at Canada's Historic Places and Parks Canada. Parks Canada also has a YouTube channel.

Wikipedia also has helpful lists of Canadian actors, musicians, and television shows!