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Welcome to the Simmons Library guide to Careers in Neuroscience.  Use the links in the table of contents or tabs at the top of the page to find information on potential career paths, medical and dental schools, internships, job hunting resources and more.

If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact the author of this guide or Ask a Librarian.

NeuroJobs Career Center

Hosted by the Society for Neuroscience, the NeuroJobs Career Center is home to a growing range of career resources available through SfN and partnering organizations. Discover resources and tools to help you look for jobs, explore career options, and advance your career throughout your professional life.

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Society for Neuroscience: The Joys of Science

The Joys of Science video series offers a thoughtful portrayal of the rewards and challenges you can expect from a career in the field and targeted advice from experienced neuroscientists who have been through it all before.