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DPT 631: Clinical Medicine: Outline

A guide to support the PT 631 Tutorial Groups.

Getting Started

Think about this case and the work you're going to be doing in your tutorial group. 

What information do you think you'll need and where will you start looking?

Case Example

56 year old right handed male with 3 month history of right lateral elbow pain. He owns his own landscaping business and his pain has started to interfere with his work. Additionally, he enjoys playing tennis, but has been unable to participate in this activity over the past 6 weeks due to the pain. Recently, he reports pain with ADLs including combing his hair, brushing his teeth and drinking a cup of coffee.

He saw his PCP who diagnosed him with tennis elbow and performed a cortisone injection 4 weeks ago. The patient reports some slight improvement for a few days but since then the symptoms are the same. He was referred to physical therapy with a prescription that reads “evaluate and treat.”

He completes the DASH (disabilities of arm, shoulder and hand) in the waiting room and his score is a 33.3

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