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SW 402: Information Literacy for Social Work : Library Resources

Introduce and reinforce the skills you'll need to be an information-savvy Social Worker and/or successfully complete the ILOP.

Quick Look

For on-ground students, these materials will help guide you through Part 2 of the ILOP. Navigate through all the content using the drop down tabs.  All Part 2 activities will be done in Moodle.  

The activities for Part 2 are: Catalog Tutorial, RefWorks Assignment, Tutorial 2.


Navigating Library Resources & Services

  • Highlighted Services
  • Library Guides
  • Research Appointments
  • Features of the Website

Finding Information

  • Interactive Tutorials
  • Types of Resources
  • Background & Contextual Information
  • Finding Full-Text Articles
  • Google Scholar & Library Resources

Finding Course Readings

Picking the Best Information

  • Straightforward Questions
  • High Standards for Websites
  • CRAAP Test Criteria
  • Even More Criteria

Citing Sources

  • The Cite button
  • Other Online Citation Tools
  • The Writing Center