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Country Research & Advocacy/Social Action: Country & Advocacy/Social Action Research

What Does Thie Guide Do?

This guide gathers resources on advocacy and social action from a global perspective. It will also assist you in gathering information for your Country Research Paper & Advocacy/Social Action Proposed Project for SW 553: International Social Work.

Start with a Country...

The world is your oyster! Have a list of countries you want to visit? Choose to learn more about one of them. Haven't started a list or want other ideas? Consider researching a country/topic that's caught your attention in the news lately.  Or try on of these tools to pick a country to focus on:

Or a Social Problem/Issue.

Maybe you'd prefer to start with a social problem/issue and pick a country based on that. For this project, the range includes, but is not limited to:

Child labor and girl children        Human trafficking of girls         Hunger and malnutrition

Street children and gender          Girl child education                  Global health girl child

Orphans                                           Globalization and women       Health & mental illness

HIV/AIDS                                          Poverty                                       Access to clean water

Immigration                                      Child soldiers                           Forced labor    

Library Search

This is your go-to resource for more in-depth info on your country AND in development/social action/implementation there.

Search articles, journals, books, media, and more

Proposing Social Action/Advocacy

Build on the development and advocacy work already happening! Explore these resources as well as non-profits, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies in the countries you're interested in and the US. 

Also: if you're really interested in an organization you see here, get in touch with them! Email and Skype work everywhere (just be aware of timezones).

Did you cite it? You need to cite it.

You already know about the cite button in databases and Google Scholar right?  And to check the bottom of a page for its citation and/or the reference list, right?

APA has citations for datasets, tables/graphs, webpages and much more.  Remember, you want to provide an accurate citation so that someone else can find the awesome data and sources that you're using.

Other Social Work Guides

Google Smarter

You'll probably find some great stuff through Google, consider switching your results to "news" to get a feel for current events.

Remember to be skeptical, evaluate everything you find and to cite it!

International Social Work Organizations

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