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TOR: Technology Orientation Requirement: Catalog Journal Search

Journal Search

To search only the journal holdings at Beatley, choose the 'Journal Search' option.

You can search by Title, Keyword, and Subject. You can also limit your results to only print journals or only electronic journals.

Results - Electronic Journals

When a journal is available electronically, there is an icon that shows it is an E-Journal:

Click on the journal name to open the full record in the OPAC. The database(s) that index the journal will be listed in the 'Connect To' box. It's worth noting that there many be more than one database and that next to each database name will be the date range covered:

Clicking on the link(s) will open the journal within the database.

Results - Print Holdings

After completing a Journal Search of the OPAC, reults will indicate if the journal is available in print or eletronic format (or both). If the journal is available in print format, there will be an icon indicating such:

Clicking on the journal title will open the record. Information provided includes the item location in the library, which volumes and issues the library has, and dates covered:


In some cases, there will be more volumes than what initally displays on the record page. When this happens, there is an option to view additonal copies: