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Nursing: Articles on Your Topic

Connect directly to a wide variety of resources to support your clinical and research needs.

Searching the Literature

The resources on this page are recommended for when you need to find evidence-based research literature and other types of articles for literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and other projects.  You'll also find search and evaluation strategies to help you find the best articles for your topic.

Interactive CINAHL tutorial

Not sure where to start?  This interactive tutorial will walk you through how to search for articles.

Databases for Nursing

Recommended Databases for Nursing

PDF vs. Find Full-Text

When you're looking at search results in a database you're going to see a few different ways to get to the full article, usually either...

 or  Find Full-Text green button

Both of these will take you to the article (if we have access).

If you see the Access Options screen below, it means we don't have full-text access to the article.  Try Google Scholar first to see if it's available for free.  If not, click Request via Interlibrary Loan.  We'll get the article for you from another library, usually within a few days.

What is Peer-Review?

"Peer review is the process through which professional abstracts, proposals, grants, manuscripts, and practice are examined by a team of qualified reviewers who determine the quality of the work product in relation to current knowledge in that field."

- Nursing Leadership

Keyword Search Strategies

Brainstorming Keywords

Start by by thinking about the main ideas that are related to your topic.  The PICO format (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) can help you think about these concepts.

Consider using synonyms of your keywords to help find even more information. For example, if you are looking for articles about the benefits of exercise for patients with heart disease, you might start with the keywords and synonyms below:

Keyword Synonym 1 Synonym 2
heart disease cardiovascular disease  
exercise fitness physical activity

Searching for Keywords

Creating a grid like the one above can also help you enter your keywords when you're searching in the databases.  

Put each distinct concept (heart disease, exercise) on a separate line with AND in between.  This will give you results that mention both of these concepts, rather than just one or the other.

Then add each set of synonyms to the same line and type the word "or" in between.  

For the keywords in the example above, your search boxes would look something like this:

Search for heart disease or cardiovascular disease AND exercise or fitness or physical activity

Trust It or Trash It?

Trust It or Trash It? is a free online tool that helps you evaluate health information sources.  

Trust It or Trash It? was created by The Genetic Alliance.