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Physics: Citing Sources

A general guide to the library's physics resources

Where to Find Citation Help

The Simmons College Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring, workshops and presentations designed to strengthen students' academic reading, writing, critical thinking, and research skills. Services include writing and citation help as well as online documentation style guides for most of the commonly used citation styles.

Citation Resources

The Purdue Online Writing Lab: Research and Citation and the Bedford / St. Martin's: Research and Documentation Online 5th ed. are both good resources to help you create citations and bibliographies for your papers.

Free Online Citation Tools

Following is a selection of free online citation generators that can help students to create citations and manage bibliographies.  Remember, though, that no online citation generator is 100% accurate.  Please be sure to check your citations to make sure that they include all of the correct information, in the proper order and with the proper capitalization and punctuation!