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Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM): An Evidence-Based Approach

Introduces EBM concepts, terminology, resources to learn more about EBM, and how to find information for EBM projects.

Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial

Take this brief tutorial to familiarize yourself with the ideas associated with EBP and the vocabulary of study design.

Welcome to the Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice tutorialEvidence based practice tutorial

Duke University Medical Center Library and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Sciences Library.  "Introduction to Evidence Based Practice." Revised 2014.

The PICO Model

PICO is a useful way of formulating clinical research questions and a well-build question or problem should include the four components of the model: Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome

PICO Linguist is a tool from the NLM that lets you search for research with terms that incorporate the PICO model. Using it, you can limit your search results to certain types of studies (clinical trials, randomized controlled trials, etc.) or to practice guidelines. 


Patient/Problem   Describe the patient.  Important descriptors might include: age and gender.  Then describe the problem the patient is experiencing.  For example, you might say, "A four-year-old boy with asthma"
Intervention Describe the treatment you are considering for the patient.  This may be a drug, such as "theophylline" for the child with asthma
Comparison Ask yourself what main alternative therapy exists for the problem.  Example: "inhaled glucocorticosteroids"
Outcome Ask yourself what result you want to see because of the therapy.  Example: "decreased hospitalizations and school abscences"