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Library and Information Science: Writing & Citing

Writing & Citing

This page offers writing and citing assistance for after you've found the articles, books and other information on your topic.  

The Cite Button

The majority of the Library's e-resources can generate a single citation for you.

Places to look for the Cite Button or other Citation Tools in E-Resources:

  • The right-hand menu on the article abstract page.
  • At the top of the results list.
  • Immediately under each citation in the results list.
  • At the very bottom of an article or article abstract page.

APA's Help on APA Style

More questions about APA Citation Style? Try these resources:

Online Citation Tools

Below is a selection of free online citation generators that can help students to create citations and manage bibliographies. Remember, though, that no online citation generator is 100% accurate. Please be sure to check your citations to make sure that they're correct!

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring, workshops and presentations to strengthen your academic reading, writing, critical thinking and research skills.  Including:

What is a Literature Review?

"Literature reviews are systematic syntheses of previous work around a particular topic. Nearly all scholars have written literature reviews at some point; such reviews are common requirements for class projects or as part of theses, are often the first section of empirical papers, and are sometimes written to summarize a field of study. Given the increasing amount of literature in many fields, reviews are critical in synthesizing scientific knowledge."

- Encyclopedia of Research Design


Go here for more on how to do a Literature Review.