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Library and Information Science: Using Google? Read this first!

Evaluating Websites, Articles, and Books


Should I trust this information?

1. Who wrote it? Do they have credentials? Who are they working for?

Note: Bias can be okay as long as you have identified it in your final product/paper, and/or your aim is to compare viewpoints.

2. What do they have to gain by putting this information out there?
3. For websites, Is it an .edu, .org, or .gov? These tend to be more reliable sources of information than .com, .net, etc.
4. For books and articles, who published it?
5. When was the information last updated, and is that okay with you?
6. Are there links to studies or sources, or a bibliography? Is the source material being represented correctly?

Note: Beatley Library's books and articles are specially chosen for your use in research. If you have questions about evaluating information, a librarian will be able to help you.

Spotting Fake News & Bad Research

Google Search Tips