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Job Hunting: Aggregators

Use this guide for help with finding a job on the web.

Search for a Job in these Databases

The Simmons Library and Career Education Center also provide resources to help you with your online job searching.  Don't forget to use these Simmons-specific resources as well!

Job Search Aggregators on the Web

Aggregators search and compile lists of results from different job banks, making them a convenient one-stop shop for the job seeker.  Below is a selection of some of the best aggregators. Hover your mouse over the links to find out what they contain. Have fun exploring!

How do I use something like this?

You have a list of the best job search aggregators--now what?  Even though you've gone online to find a job, you can still learn more about how to use these sites to your advantage.  Below is a selection of the library's resources on this topic.  Search the library catalog to find more.

Job Searching with

This tutorial demonstrates how to use to search for jobs and includes an overview of its job search engine, search options and what you'll see on the job search results page.