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Job Hunting: Summer Jobs

Use this guide for help with finding a job on the web.

What kind of summer job do I want?

The library has a number of resources to help you find summer employment and potential opportunities. Below is a small selection of the library's resources on this topic.  Search the libary catalog to find more.

Search the Library Catalog for More!

Search the library catalog to find books, videos and other items that the library owns that can help students navigate the world of summer employment.  Use a simple keyword search to locate information on this topic.

Recommended Job Banks for Summer Employment

Below is a selection of online job banks that focus on summer employment. Hover your mouse over each link to discover what they contain.  Have fun exploring!

What's New - - Jobs in Great Places

This is where you'll find the most recent jobs and employers posted on So check out these new opportunities in some really amazing places.

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