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Job Hunting: Classified Ads

Use this guide for help with finding a job on the web.

How do I use Classified Ads to find a job?

The newspaper classified ads used to be one of the most important sources of leads for most job seekers. Now the Internet provides us with many more options than our local daily newspaper, including online classified ad sites. These resources can help you to use the classified ads more effectively to find a job.

Books on Classified Ads and the Job Search

Below is a selection of the library's books that include information on classified ads and the job search  If you don't see the book you want here, search the library catalog to find more on this topic.

Recommended Classified Ads on the Web

Why use classified ads when there are so many online job sites?  Keep in mind that local and regional employers don't always post their openings at major sites like Monster and CareerBuilder.  They often advertise in local newspapers in order to avoid being inundated with applications. 

Use the links below to search online job listings from local, regional and national newspapers.  If you're looking for a job in a city or region not covered here, check the online versions of local newspapers to see job ads in that area.