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English: Explore Literature

Resources for the study of Literature in English

Find Authors, Genres & More

One of the best ways to discover the perfect source for your topic is to browse the library stacks by call number range. Browse the shelves with the call numbers below.

LC Call Number

 PE 1-3729


 PN 1-6790

Literature (General) 

 PN 69-72

Study and teaching 

 PN 80-99


 PN 1010-1525


 PN 1560-1590

The performing arts. Show business 

 PN 1600-3307


 PN 3311-3503

Prose. Prose fiction 

 PN 4699-5650

Journalism. The periodical press 

 PR 1-9680

English literature 

 PR 1-56

Literary history and criticism 

 PR 57-78


 PR 161-488

Women authors 

 PR 500-614


 PR 621-744


 PR 750-890


 PR 1098-1369

Collections of English Literature 

 PR 1490-1799

Anglo-Saxon Literature 

 PR 1803-2165

Anglo-Norman period. Early English. Middle English 

 PR 2199-3195

English Renaissance (1500-1640) 

 PR 3291-3785

17th and 18th Centuries (1640-1770) 

 PR 3991-5990

19th Century, 1770/1800-1890/1900 

 PR 6000-6049


 PR 6050-6076


 PR 6100-6126


 PS 1-3576

American literature 

 PS 147-152

Women authors 

 PS 185-195

17th-18th Centuries 

 PS 201-217

19th Century 

 PS 221-228

20th Century 

 PS 229-231

21st Century 

 PS 301-326


 PS 330-353


 PS 360-380


 PS 501-689

Collections of American Literature 

 PS 700-3576

Individual authors 

 PS 8001-8599

Canadian literature 

 PZ (1)-90

Fiction and juvenile belle lettres 

Finding an Author's Work

To find a book by a particular author, use the dropdown arrow in the catalog search box to select Author.  Then type the name of the author, last name first, into the search box and click the find button.

Author, Morrison, Toni

On the next page, you'll see a list of the author's works in alphabetical order. Scroll down to find the book you want.


Videos on Literature and Reading

Finding a Work by Title

To find a particular title, use the dropdown arrow in the catalog search box to select Title.  Then type the title of the book you want into the search box and click search. Keep in mind that the library may have multiple books with the same title or more than one copy of the same book.  So if you want Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, use the information in the catalog to find the right book!