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Political Science: U.S. Political Parties

An overview of library and web resources pertaining to the political science field.

Learn About Political Parties in these Databases

Below is a selection of online databases that include a large number of articles on political parties in the United States. The resources on this page include articles from both scholarly and popular sources, so be sure to evaluate your sources in order to make sure they're appropriate for your project.

Books about Political Parties in the United States

If you're looking for information about U.S. political parties, you might be tempted to look only at online sources--either in databases or on the web.  But books are a great source of topic overviews that can help you to place politics into historical context and help you to understand how they have evolved over time. Below is a sample of some of the many books in the library's collection that contain information about U.S. political parties.

Political Parties in the US: Online Resources

Other Political Parties in the United States

Below are links to some of the more prominent "third" parties in the United States.