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 LC Call Number


 N 1-(9211)

 Visual Arts

 N 1-58


 N 61-72

 Theory, Philosophy, Aesthetics

 N 81-390

 Study, Teaching, Research

 N 400-3990

 Art Museums, Galleries

 N 4390-5098


 N 5198-5299

 Private Collections & Collectors

 N 5300-7418


 N 7420-7525.8

 General Works

 N 7560-8266

 Special Subjects of Art

 N 8350-8356

 Arts as a Profession. Artists

 N 8510-8553

 Art Studies, Materials

 N 8554-8585

 Examination & Conservation of Works of Art

 N 8600-8675

 Economics of Art

 N 8700-9165

 Art and the State. Public Art

Make sure you check permissions for using images. Unless an image has an explicit use statement, assume that you can use it for educational purposes with proper attribution (called "fair use"). Contact your librarian for more information.

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Database Search Strategies

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1) Use AND, OR, NOT to connect words. AND will connect two terms, OR will bring up either term, and NOT will exclude a term.

2) Use truncation. You add an asterisk (*) to the root of the word, and the results will bring up any words with that root. For example:




Will Find:

Will Find:





Finding Full Text

How to find the Full Text of articles

Search results list:


In detailed record (once you click on the article title in the search results list):


If you click a green Find Full-Text button, one of three things can happen. 

1) It will link to the article and you're all set!

2) It will link to a website, and you will need to search for the article there

3) Simmons doesn't have access, so you'll see the second screenshot with an option to search via Google Scholar, or request from another library (Interlibrary Loan)