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Art: Photography

Resources for the study of Art.

Photography Sources

One of the best ways to discover the perfect source for your topic is to browse the library stacks by call number range.  Each call number range represents a particular subject and all of the books on a particular topic will be located in the same general area on the shelves.  So if you want a book on darkroom techniques, go to the call number range beginning with TR287 to see what we have!

LC Call Number


 TR 1-1050


 TR 250-265


 TR 287-500

 Photographic processing. Darkroom techniques

 TR 510-545

 Color photography

 TR 550-581

 Studio and laboratory

 TR 590-620


 TR 624-835

 Applied photography. Including artistic, commercial, medical photography, photocopying processes

Organizations & Additional Background Photography Sources

There are a lot of great resources on the web where you can find information about Photography as well as collections of images.  Hover your mouse over the links to find out what they contain. Have fun exploring!

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