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History: Books & Primary Sources

A general guide to library and web resources in the field of history.

Books & Web Resources

One of the best ways to discover the perfect source for your topic is to browse the library stacks by call number range.  Each call number range represents a particular subject and all of the books on a particular topic will be located in the same general area on the shelves.  So if you want a book on the history of developing countries, go to the call number range beginning with D880 to see what we have!

 LC Call Number


 D 1-2017

 History (General)

 D (204)-(475)

 Modern history, 1453­-

 D 410-(475)

 20th Century

 D 880-888

 Developing countries

 D 900-2009

 Europe (General

 DA 1-995

 History of Great Britain

 DAW 1001-1051

 History of Central Europe

 DB 1-3150

 History of Austria. Liechtenstein. Hungary. Czechoslovakia

 DC 1-947

 History of France

 DD 1-(905)

 History of Germany

 DE 1-100

 History of the Greco-Roman world

 DF 10-951

 History of Greece

 DG 11-999

 History of Italy

 DH 1-925

 History of Low Countries. Benelux Countries

 DJ 1-(500)

 History of Netherlands (Holland)

 DJK 1-77

 History of Eastern Europe (General)

 DK 1-949.5

 History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics

 DL 1-1180

 History of Northern Europe. Scandinavia

 DP 1-402

 History of Spain

 DQ 1-851

 History of Switzerland

 DR 1-2285

 History of Balkan Peninsula

 DS 1-937

 History of Asia

 DT 1-3415

 History of Africa

 DU 1-950

 History of Oceania (South Seas)

 DX 101-301

 History of Romanies

 E 11-143


 E 151-889

 United States

 F 1-975

 United States local history

 F 1-105

 New England

 F 106-205

 Atlantic coast. Middle Atlantic States

 F 206-295

 The South. South Atlantic States

 F 296-395

 Gulf States. West Florida

 F 396-475

 Old Southwest. Lower Mississippi Valley

 F 476-590

 Old Northwest. Northwest Territory

 F 590.3-705

 The West. Trans-Mississippi Region. Great Plains

 F 721-785

 Rocky Mountains. Yellowstone National Park

 F 786-850

 New Southwest. Colorado River, Canyon, and Valley

 F 850.5-951

 Pacific States

 F 975

 Central American, West Indian, and other countries protected by and having close political affiliations with the United States (General)

 F 1001-1145.2

 British America

 F 1170

 French America

 F 1201-3799

 Latin America. Spanish America

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