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Communications and Media: Primary Sources in the Library & on the Web

Research resources for the study of Communications and Media

What are Primary Sources?

Photograph, 1962. New York World-Telegram and Sun. From the American Memory Project

Primary Sources are original materials on which other research is based, including original written works such as poems, diaries, court records, interviews, surveys, newspaper articles, and original research/fieldwork; original art works, such as paintings and photographs; and research published in scholarly/academic journals.

Primary Sources in the Library

Along with the newspaper archives on the Newspapers page in this guide, the library's collection includes original diaries and classic documentary films as well as facsimiles of manuscripts, historic editions of key texts, and original exhibition catalogs.  Remember, this is only a small selection of primary source materials in the library's collection. Search the library catalog or Ask a Librarian for help finding more!

Primary Sources on the Web

The web contains a wealth of digitized primary source materials.  Below are some high-quality selected sites that include primary source material such as digital reproductions of works of art, original editions of published materials, original films and recordings, and much more.