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Finding Quantitative or Qualitative Nursing Research Articles: Evaluating Different Types of Articles

Covers brainstorming, searching, narrowing your results, evaluating and citing an article. Also has some helpful definitions.

What's on this page?

On this page you'll find examples of abstracts of different types of research and review articles. Some of the examples are pdfs with certain terms circled: these are to highlight the information you'll want to look for when you're evaluating an article. Some of the examples take you to articles in CINAHL - these are straightforward examples that you can practice your evaluation skills on.

Tips to Remember:

  • Start with the title and work your way down through publication type, subjects, abstract, journal subset and instrumentation.
  • The author(s), journal and database want you to know what the article is, they aren't trying to trick you.
  • Reviews are reviewing the research, so when you're looking at publication type if you see review AND research, review usually takes precedence.
  • Mixed methods research uses qualitative AND quantitative, so remember to check for both. 
  • Are there other assignment criteria for the article you're evaluating? Don't forget those too!

Think you found an article that works? Great!

Remember to read the whole article to be certain!

Use the Abstract

Class Example

This is an article we're going to look at together in class.

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Examples of Different Types of Articles

These are the example article abstracts, each with the phrases that help determine what kinds of articles they are highlighted.