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Finding Quantitative or Qualitative Nursing Research Articles: Finding Articles

Covers brainstorming, searching, narrowing your results, evaluating and citing an article. Also has some helpful definitions.

What's on this page?

On this page you'll find the databases and other resources we recommend that you try searching in when you're looking for scholarly nursing literature. You'll also see a couple of strategies for making sure that you can get to the full-text of an article. After all, you have to read the whole article to be sure of what type of article it is!

If you're looking for a single qualitative or quantitative nursing research article you'll most likely find it in CINAHL. If you're doing a larger project, you'll find some great systematic reviews in Cochrane or JBI, as well as broader health sciences research in Medline.

Recommended E-Resources for Nursing

Databases for Nursing

Link Google Scholar to Simmons Library Resources


Google works with libraries to determine which journals and papers they've subscribed to electronically, and then links to articles from those sources when they're available. Once you configure the Library Links settings in Google Scholar, links to the full text of articles will display in your Google Scholar results when they are available through Simmons Library.

Use Google Scholar From On-Campus

      To make these links appear, just access Google Scholar from any Simmons computer and the links will automatically be included.

Configure Google Scholar From Off-Campus

  1. Click on Settings link in the upper right corner of Google Scholar.
  2. Choose "Library Links" on the left, type Simmons University and click the "Search" button.
  3. If prompted, check "Simmons University - Check Simmons Full Text"  from the list of results.
  4. Click the blue "Save" button.
  5. Start searching Google Scholar with links to our library's resources (you may need to log in to access these resources).


PDF vs. Find Full-Text

When you're looking at search results in a database you're going to see a few different ways to get to the full article, usually either...

 or  Find Full-Text green button

Both of these will take you to the article (if we have access).

If you see the Access Options screen below, it means we don't have full-text access to the article.  Try Google Scholar first to see if it's available for free.  If not, click Request via Interlibrary Loan.  We'll get the article for you from another library, usually within a few days.