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SLIS West Career Panel and Resume Workshop: Networking

This library guide was created for the GSLIS West Career Panel and Resume Workshop on April 1, 2012

Benefits of Networking

Networking can benefit you in at least three important areas:

  • Career exploration - One of the best sources for gathering informationwhen deciding on a major or career directions is talking with people in a role that interests you
  • Job search - Consider these facts:
    •   70-80% of job seekers find their jobs through contacts. As few as 20% land their jobs through the traditiona "reactive" job search method, namely, applying for posted positions on job boards or want ads.
    • Nearly 80% or available jobs are never advertised. And you can uncover this "hidden job market" through networking. It is how yuo learn of jobs that you would otherwise be unaware of. The more contacts you make, the more likely you are to tap into these hiddern opportunities.
  • Professional development - Many of those who progress furthest in their careers over time do so by being well connected professionally in mutually beneficial ways - in other words, they maintain their networks.

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Networking Opportunities

How to Effectively Network- A Video