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Self-Assessment Tools: About Self Assessment

Use this guide to help you find out more about your interests and careers that match them!

Self Assessment at Simmons

Assess Who You Are

Understanding yourself is the first step in identifying a good fit for satisfying career. Often people want to skip the important first step, Assessment, and jump right into exploring options and launching a job search plan. But before you jump forward, it is important for you to step backward in order to identify what's most important in your career and life so that you can make informed and meaningful decisions. We know that people who find satisfying careers are those whose strengths, interests, values and goals are in alignment. Often they lead healthier and more fulfilling lives and can achieve future successes.

To help you learn more about yourself, our recommendation is to start by identifying your values, interests, key relationships, personality traits, and personal and professional goals. (Sometimes in the CEC you will hear us talk about your "VIPS": Values, Interests, Personality, and Skills.) You will use this knowledge to explore the skills and roles that will make a good "fit" for you.

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