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Henriette Derman: LS Alumna, Crusader, and Political Prisoner: Henriette's 130th Birthday Celebration

Celebration in Russia

The Bryansk Region Scientific Library is celebrating the 130th anniversary of Henriette Derman's birth. Dr. Olga Kulikova, Russian librarian and scholar, has created an exhibit for her patrons.

View the exhibit announcement here.

Olga Kulikova, Russian Fulbright Scholar, spent time this year at Simmons College researching the life and career of Henriette Derman. Since her return to Russia, Olga has given several talks on Derman:


These pictures were taken at one of the Olga's presentations in Russia.

Photos courtesy of Olga Kulikova.

Derman Anniversary Celebration at Bryansk

Celebration at Simmons

The Simmons College Archives and GSLIS Librarian, Linda Watkins, have created a display to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Henriette Derman's birth on August 8. It is based on the presentation prepared and researched by Olga Kulikova, visting Russian Fulbright scholar, and Linda.  Both wish to thank Kate McGrath for her great work on the development of this very informative Library Guide.

The display is located outside of the Simmons Archives and will be available until the end of August.  Please take a moment to visit the display and to learn more about Henriette Derman!


From Derman's Diary

Never to become old in spirit,

Never to forget one's main purpose in life.

Whatever happened to you, you must be courageous

In trouble or in a moment of doubt.

The truly moral human being never lets difficult

situation to take over and never give up.

~ Poet Unknown, perhaps Derman herself