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Information Organization Past, Present and Future: Historic Periods

Selected List of Books on Library History

TIP:  We have many books on the history of libraries. They may be on reserve,  in the reference collection, or in the circulating  collection.   Search the online catalog  using librar* and history  or more specifically librar* and renaissance for possible titles and locations for entries on your topic as  Antiquity to the Middle Ages or the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

Encylopedia of Library and Information Science

TIP: Although the 4th edition is online, you need to consult the 1975 Marcel Dekker 73 volume set in the Reference Collection as well since it covers much more content.  Use the Subject Indexes in volumes 46, 47, and 73 to locate entries on  topics such as Renaissance Libraries, Ancient and Medieval Libraries, etc.

LIS Databases

TIP: Search the LIS databases for journal articles on your topic such as  librar* and renaissance or callimachus or ( history or development) and card catalog*.

Remember that Library Literature Retrospective (1905-1983) might be useful.

Selected List of Journals Containing Articles on Library History