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Journal Notifications: Search Alerts in Library eResources

Subscribing to Journal Alerts, Search Alerts, and RSS Feeds

Search Alerts

What are Search Alerts?

Many of the databases that the Beatley Library subscribes to offer alert services. An alert is an email or RSS notification that the database can automatically send to you when new items are added to the database that match your specific search.

There are two types of alerts:

  • Search Alerts - These alerts automatically run your saved queries on a regular basis. Types of search alerts include topic searches, author searches, and searches that you've just run. Search alerts are covered in this guide.
  • Journal Alerts - These alerts automatically send the tables of contents of newly published journal issues to your inbox or feed reader.

Why Use Search Alerts?

  • Current Awareness- These services can help you keep up with articles in your subject area of interest and the contents of newly published journals
  • Customized Content- Alert services allow you to control the information delivered, the amount of information and the regularity of received information
  • Time Management- Information is automatically delivered to you without rerunning the same search all the time
  • Organization- These services can help you to maintain a personal database in bibliographic management software