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Research Organization: Zotero

How to cite, organize, and manage resources.

What is Zotero?

This guide is meant to help you as you begin to use Zotero in your studies. What is Zotero? An extension of the Firefox browser, Zotero is a tool that allows you to collect, organize, and cite research sources.

Step 2: Register for an Account

In the Firefox browser, open

In the upper right hand corner, click 'Register'

You will be prompted to fill out the following information:

Step 1: Installation

  • In the Firebox browser, go to
  • Click the red 'Download Now' button

  • Click Zotero 3.0.3 for Firefox
  • You may be required to validate that you approve of the installation
  • Once installed, you will be asked to restart your Firefox browser

Step 3: Open the Extension

To begin using Zotero, simply click on the Zotero button in the lower right hand corner of your Firefox browser:

It's that easy! Let's take a look at some of the things we can do with Zotero....