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Research Organization: Add References

How to cite, organize, and manage resources.

Items from the Catalog

To collect information on a book, locate the book (or item) on the library's OPAC.

You'll notice that next to the URL there is a book icon:

Click the icon. The item's information will be instantly added into your library:

Articles from Databases

Search for an article in a database. Open up the record.

At the end of the URL, you'll see an icon that looks like a sheet of paper:

Click the icon and the selected article citation will be added to your library.

Note: if there is a full text pdf of the article, it will automatically be attached to the record in your library! You can also manually attach items to the record.

Searching for more than one article? There is a way to import multiple database records at the same time. To do this, run a keyword (or similar) search.

Notice that the icon in the URL is a folder:


Click on the folder. You will be given a list of all of the items included on that page (if there are multiple pages of results, you may have to do this on each page). You can 'Select All' or individually check off each item that you would like added to your collection.

Web Pages

You can add webpages to your collection. Similar to books and articles, when you're on a webpage, you will see this icon:

The webpage information will be added to your library, along with a snapshot of the webpage itself.

You can add notes ('Sticky notes') or highlight text on these archived pages (note: this applies to HTML documents only).

Manually Adding Items

It's easy to manually add items to your collection. Click this button (you'll find it in the toolbar):

It will give you a list of items from which you can choose. Let's try adding a blog post....