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East Asian Studies: Japan

Resources for studying East Asian languages, cultures and histories.

Listen to Spoken Languages

The Audio Archive section of the Internet Archive includes a number of open source audio instructional modules. Listen to Pimsleur's Japanese I - Lesson 01.

Books in the Reference Collection

Reference books are a great place to start your research, since they provide background information such as topic overviews and definitions.  For in-depth research in your topic, use the Finding Articles tab to search the library's online databases for journal articles and the Finding Books tab to search the library catalog for books.

Below is a sample of available print resources covering topics in Japanese language, literature and culture.

Getting To Know Your Country

Use these online resources to find background and context on Japan and its language, literature and culture.  

Recommended Web Resources

There are a lot of great resources on the web where you can find information about Japan and its language and culture as well as online primary texts (stories, poems and novels) and recordings of literature being read aloud.  Have fun exploring!

Japanese Poem for Pronunciation

"Original text is the poem written by Hakushu Kitahara 北原白秋(1885-1942). The title of the poem is 五十音 / go.ju.-(u).o.nn /. Hakushu said that he wanted to give the children this poem, in order to make them naturally learn to pronounce and make them understand the essence of the Japanese sounds of each series of Japanese syllabary-五十音, by singing this poem."