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Working Abroad: Home

Use this guide to find information on international work, internships, volunteer opportunities and more.

What's In This Guide

Use the tabs above or the links below to navigate this guide.  And remember, Help! is only a click away!

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How to Use This Guide

Welcome to the Simmons Library guide to resources for finding work abroad.  Use the links in the table of contents or tabs at the top of the page to locate resources on international jobs, international internships, international volunteer opportunities and more. 

If you don't find what you are looking for or need help navigating this guide, don't hesitate to contact the author of this guide or Ask a Librarian.

Good luck with your research!

Why People Work Abroad

"What motivates people to start an international career? The Talent Barometer Survey suggest(s) four main reasons, although these vary according to country of origin":

  1. The desire to start an international career;
  2. The desire to work in a specific country or city;
  3. To join family and loved ones in a specific country;
  4. To work for an international business.

See more of the 17 reasons why people work abroad.

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