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Migration and Immigration: Finding Home : Home

The migration/immigration, social entrepreneurship and project development resources in this guide support and enhance the World Challenge 2013 projects of the Migration & Immigration: Finding Home course.

What's In This Guide

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How to Use This Guide

This guide was designed to support World Challenge 2013: Migration and Immigration. The resources gathered here focus on migration and immigration.

 The professors included these articles as preparation for the course.  

Jean L. Pyle, "Globalization, Transnational Migration, and Gendered Care Work: IntroductionGlobalization, September 2006, 3(3): 283-289.

Jean L. Pyle, "Globalization and the Increase in Transnational Care Work: The Flip SideGlobalization, September 2006, 3(3): 297-315.

Migration Flows Across the World

Explore visualized global human migration on peoplemov.inwith data from the World Bank Migration and Remittances Database.

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