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Migration and Immigration: Finding Home : Non-Profit Orgs, .Gov & More

The migration/immigration, social entrepreneurship and project development resources in this guide support and enhance the World Challenge 2013 projects of the Migration & Immigration: Finding Home course.

Resources on the Web

On this page you'll find local and international non-profits and corporations that focus on issues of migration and methods of social entrepreneurship.

These are just a few of the resources available on the web, so be sure to Get More Out of Google (see tips below) and Evaluate those Websites.

For even more statistics try our guide on Statistics and Demographics.

Get More out of Google

Use the search tips in this infographic from HackCollege to get more out of your Internet searches.

The ABCs of Evaluating Websites

If you’re trying to evaluate a website, keep these ABCs in mind as you review your sources for quality:

Authority - Is the website's author listed along with his/her credentials?  Usually a URL with .edu, .org is more reliable and .net

Bias - Is the website objective, presenting both sides of an issue? Or, is the information presented to sway the audience to a particular point of view?  Who is the audience?  A certain political group, adults, children, researchers?  Depending on your purpose for using the website, the intended audience needs to be taken into consideration.

Currency - Is the website current, providing the 'created' date and 'last updated' information?

Note: One or more of the ABCs may be more important in evaluating a website, depending on the information you need.  For example, medical and scientific information usually needs to be current.  If you are trying to take a stand on an issue, a biased database may be acceptable as long as it is coming from a reliable source (authority).

Migration Resources