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Salary Negotiation for Librarians: Library Salary Surveys

Salary Surveys

Use these professional surveys to compare salary ranges for positions in similar geographic locations, by library size, and by type of library to those to which you are applying.  Note that salaries for beginning librarians will fall toward the lower end of the range.  Also compare averages for beginning librarians reported in the Placements & Salaries data to the right.  You might be able to use this information to make your case for a higher salary or added benefits.

Salary Survey: State Standards

Job Placement & Salary Data

This year, 39 of the 52 U.S. LIS schools reported 4,002 graduates in 2015, with 29% participating in the Library Journal survey. Overall, 2015 graduates were successful in finding jobs, with 82% of those responding to the employment status question reporting that they had full-time employment. About 74% of these full-time professionals work in a library setting and an additional 13% use their library skills in a different environment. Full-time employment declined slightly from last year, when 2014 graduates reported 83% full-time employment, however it is still well ahead of 2013, when only 69.6% reported having full-time employment. The average starting salary is $48,371, up 2.9% from last year.

See the Explore All the Data Option for specific salary ranges by type of library, position, and geographic location.

Some Key Stats!



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