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Computer Science: Web-based Coding

Resources for students in computer science, technology, web design, and database management courses.

Free Code-Friendly Text Editors

Computers in Beatley Library and the SLIS Tech Lab have Adobe Dreamweaver, a text editor with many features to help with coding. Dreamweaver is not free, but there are many text editors designed to help with coding that you can download and use at home.

Debugging Resources

Use these resources to check your coding for errors.

Browser/Mobile Testing Tools

To test how your site will display on different browsers and mobile devices, use the tools below.

Search Engine Considerations

These articles outline how to build your site with search engine optimization.

Practical Guides

Learn practical web development skills, including the fundamentals of web development, commonly-used scripting languages (PHP, Perl, and JavaScript), designing for mobile devices, and the latest standards for HTML, CSS, and XML.