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SW 402: Information Literacy for Social Work : Introduction to Technology at Simmons

Introduce and reinforce the skills you'll need to be an information-savvy Social Worker and/or successfully complete the ILOP.

Quick Look

All materials to guide you through Part 1 are under this Introduction to Simmons Technology tab. Navigate through all the content using the drop down tabs.  All Part 1 activities will be done in Moodle.  

The activities for Part 1 are: Post to Moodle Forum, Screenshot Assignment, Tutorial 1, and Tutorial 2.


Best Practices in Computing

  • Naming Files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • File Extensions
  • PDFs
  • Organizing Files
  • USB Drives

How to Take Screenshots

  • Screenshots on a PC
  • Screenshots on an Apple

Simmons Technology

  • Technology Support
  • Google Apps @ Simmons 
  • Moodle and AARC
  • Your Digital Storage Space
  • VPN/Remote Connection
  • Printing, Scanning, Copying


The content and activities in Part 1: Introduction to Simmons Technology are based on the GSLIS TOR program, and we thank GSLIS and Technology Support for their collaborative support.