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SW 402: Information Literacy for Social Work : Simmons Technology

Introduce and reinforce the skills you'll need to be an information-savvy Social Worker and/or successfully complete the ILOP.

Google Apps @ Simmons

All students at Simmons are provided with an email address and access to their email through Google Apps for Education. Google Apps provides a powerful way for students to communicate and collaborate with each other and with Simmons faculty and staff. Google Apps for Education is ad-free and provides a secure and safe environment for Simmons.  You have access to:

Explore the Simmons Technology Google Apps Tutorials & Trainings to familiarize yourself with them.

Technology Support

The Simmons Technology team is ultimately your best resource for help using the wide variety of technology support available to you as a Simmons student, and there are a variety of ways to contact them with general technology questions:

  • Under the Online Services menu option in Simmons Connection
  • By calling 617-521-2222
  • Visiting the Technology Support Center on the 3rd floor of Lefavour Hall in L331
  • Filling out a General Support form 

Want more information on a technology topic?  Search the Service Desk's FAQ knowledge bank.


Moodle & AARC

AARC is your one stop shop for course registration, financial info and grade reports. Moodle is where many of your instructors will post handouts, syllabi, and other course content.

Moodle is a password-protected learning management system used by Simmons University. Your professors typically use Moodle to provide material, course discussions, quizzes, a course calendar, and to post grades online to students.  You'll be using Moodle to complete the activities for SW 402: ILOP.

Digital Storage Space

As a Simmons student you have your own 200 megabyte personal folder called a Y: Drive. Simmons gives you this personal network folder, (or Y: drive), for private, password-protected storage. on the file server. You are the only person who has access to this drive, and you can access it both on and off campus.

For details: FAQ on your Y: (Personal) Drive.

VPN/Remote Connection

When you're off-campus, you can access your files that are stored on the network in your Y: drive by connecting to the VPN. (VPN is short for Virtual Private Network.) It makes a secure, remote connection to a network via the internet. Simmons uses VPN to allow you to access your Y: drive from home at

For details: FAQ on the VPN.

Viruses, Spyware, and Security

Simmons Technology strongly recommends that you ensure that your personal computer has up-to-date and active antivirus software. All computers connecting to the Simmons network are required to have antivirus protection. 

For details: FAQ on antivirus

Printing, Scanning & Copying

All of the printers on campus can print, scan and copy.  When you send something to print from a Simmons computer, you can print it from any printer, and you can also print from your laptop by connecting to  

For details: FAQ Prining, Scanning, Copying.