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College to Career: Building Your Resume

Post-Graduation Survival Guide


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There's a vicious cycle for job hunters: you need to have experience to get a job, but you need to have a job in order to get experience. If you sense that you are stuck in this situation, there are things that you can do, even if you have very little or no working experience. A lack of experience does not mean that you are in a hopeless situation. There are many things that can help to make you an attractive job candidate, including temporary work, volunteer opportunities and internships. The resources on this page can help you to get the experience you need.  If you want still more information on this topic, see the library guide to Internships & Volunteer Opportunities.


International Opportunities


Why Volunteer?

Volunteering helps you serve people in practical and intangible ways. Much like temping, volunteering allows job seekers to learn about different organizations, build skills, and enhance your resume.

Find a Place to Volunteer

Local Volunteer Opportunities