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English Graduate Student Guide: Internships

Use this guide to find information specifically for graduate students in English, including internships, funding, academic careers and more.

Local Internship Opportunities for English Graduate Students

Below is only a small sample of potential internship opportunities in the Boston area for English graduate students. If there is a particular place you would like to work, check their website to find out if they offer internships!

The Evolution of the Internship

Want to get a better understanding for how internships have evolved? Click the infographic to see a full-sized copy.

National Internship Opportunities for English Graduate Students

Along with the local opportunities you can find on this page, there are also a number of resources that you can use to find internships in Boston, around New England or throughout the country. Below is a selection of some of the best resources for finding internships.

Books on Internships from the Career Collection

The library's career collection includes a wide array of helpful books on internships--from understanding what an internship entails to succeeding as an intern and more!