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Community and Environment Assessment (EcoScan): Gathering Structural Data

Use this guide to gather the data and information about your client's community necessary to develop a three dimensional lens or "triangle" for understanding your client.

Structural Data

Gather data about the community using websites along with various informants in the agency or neighborhood. You can use government census data, national data for particular populations, and local/community websites around specific areas of interest. 

  • What is the ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic make up of the community and the agency in which you are placed?  
  • What is the fiscal budget for public education in this area? How does it compare to budgets of other areas?
  • What are the concerns, if any, relative to environmental justice for this community?
  • If a client has a medical need, where is the closest health center/hospital? Is this health center/hospital accessible? Does it offer culturally and linguistically appropriate services?
  • If a client has a housing and/or food related need, what services are available and accessible? How far would a client need to travel to access fresh food?
  • If a client needs to access childcare and/or elder care services, what is available and accessible?

Make-up of the Community