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English 193: Women in Literature: Folk Tales, Fairy Tales & More

Where can I find articles on folk tales and fairy tales?

Want to learn more about folk tales and fairy tales?  Below is a selection of library databases where you'll find a wide array of articles on folk tales and fairy tales. For more in-depth help with finding articles, researching a particular artist or object, and citing your sources, use the links in the table of contents or tabs at the top of the page to explore the resources in this guide.

Finding Full Text

You can find the full text, which means a complete copy, of an article in a number of ways, including direct links to HTML Full Text and PDF Full Text in the database you're searching as well as linked full text in a different database or online journal (Find Full Text).  See the illustrations below for where to find the full text in each case.

If you click the Find Full Text button and aren't taken directly to a complete copy of the article you want, you may see a citation that includes a link to the PDF or HTML full text. Below are samples of what you might see and where to get a full-text article.

Example of where to find the PDF in another database:

Example of where to find the PDF in an online journal:



Folk Tales & Fairy Tales on the Web

Marianne Stokes (1855-1927) - "The Frog Prince". Via Wikimedia Commons

The web contains a wealth of resources on folk tales and fairy tales.  Below are some high-quality selected sites that provide context and include primary source material such as digitized editions of folk and fairy tales, transcribed and annotated fairy tales and much more.  As always, if you're searching the web, make sure to read the Using Google page in this guide in order to evaluate the sources that you find!

Where can I find more?

If you're looking for essays on folk tales and fairy tales or annotated versions of the tales, you might be tempted to look only in the databases for journal articles.  But books often collect a number of articles on a particular topic all in one place.  Below is a sample of some of the many books in the library's collection that contain essays on folk tales and fairy tales.