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HON 203: Islam and the West: Books on Politics, Religion & More

In-Depth Information on Politics, Religion, and More

The library catalog is a great place to find in-depth information on topics related to Islam and the West, including politics, religion, and more.  Use a simple keyword search to locate information on a particular topic.  You can also look for specific books by title or for books by an individual author or browse the stacks by call number.

Remember that books are still the best place to go to understand a topic from beginning to end.


What else can you find on Islam and the West?

If you're looking for general information on the religious and political history of the Middle East or on specific topics such as political Islam or Islam in the West, you might be tempted to look only in the databases for journal articles.  But books provide in-depth information and often collect a number of articles on a particular topic all in one place.  Below is a sample of some of the many books in the library's collection that cover topics related to Islam and the West.

Still can't find it? Try WorldCat.

If you don't find what you need in Simmons' catalog, search WorldCat for books in other local libraries or in libraries around the world.

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Free E-Books!

Are you looking for an e-book that we don't have or for a free downloadable ebook version of your favorite title?  Try looking for it at one of these free e-book sites. Have fun exploring!

Serendipity in the Stacks: Browse by Call Number

One of the best ways to discover the perfect source for your topic is to browse the library stacks by call number range.  Each call number range represents a particular subject and all of the books on a particular topic will be located in the same general area on the shelves.  So if you want a book on the history of Syria, go to the call number range beginning with DS 92 to see what we have!

 LC Call Number


 BP 1-253


 DS 35.3-35.77

 The Islamic world

 DS 36-39.2

 Arab countries

 DS 41-66

 Middle East

 DS 67-79.9


 DS 80-90


 DS 92-99


 DS 101-151

 Israel (Palestine) 

 DS 153-154.9


 DS 201-248

 Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia

 DS 251-326

 Iran (Persia)

 DS 327-329.4

 Central Asia

 DS 331-349.9

 Southern Asia. Indian Ocean Region

 DS 350-375


 DS 376-392.2


 DS 393-396.9


 DS 401-(486.8)


 DS 489.2-489.25

 Sri Lanka

 JQ 1758-1852

 Political institutions and public administration. Middle East

 JQ 1850

 Arab countries

 JQ 1852

 Islamic countries