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HON 203: Islam and the West: Primary Sources in the Library & on the Web

Find Primary Sources in Library Databases

Primary sources are original materials on which other research is based, including original written works such as poems, diaries, court records, interviews, surveys, and original research/fieldwork; original art works, such as paintings and photographs; and research published in scholarly/academic journals. Use these databases to locate primary source materials.

Primary Sources in the Library

The library's collection includes volumes that reproduce original works of art as well as facsimiles of manuscripts, historic editions of key texts, letters and diaries, and more. 

Primary Sources on the Web


Women's Day in the Mosque in Morocco. Originally published in the Illustrated London News in 1892.  From the New York Public Library Digital Collections

The web contains a wealth of digitized primary source materials that concentrate on Islam and the West.  Below are some high-quality selected sites that include primary source material such as digital reproductions of prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, and much more.  As always, if you're searching the web, make sure to read the Using Google page in this guide in order to evaluate the sources that you find!