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BOS 101: Speech Communities: Boston & Bostonians

The City of Boston Present & Future

Community Profiles and Statistics


  • The MetroBoston DataCommon provides a wealth of information about the region’s people and communities through a variety of topics -- from arts and education to the environment and transportation.

A New Bostonian's Guide to Boston

  • Guides to assist immigrants to access city and community resources.

City of Boston Immigrant Resources

  • Resources for legal aid, community resources, and ESOL directories. 

Boston Redevelopment Authority: Research Publications

  • The BPDA's Research department compiles and analyzes current, historical, and comparative data on the city of Boston. The department conducts research on Boston's economy, population, and commercial markets

Boston Redevelopment Authority: Frequently Requested Information

  • This page features publications covering the most requested economic and demographic data for Boston. 

Boston Redevelopment Authority: Maps & GIS

  • View maps of demographic, economic, and other data for the City of Boston. You can also use the BostonMaps Demographics Atlas to explore data for individual neighborhoods.

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Health

  • Excellent resources available for LBGTQ youth speaking languages other than English.

Resources to Expand Your Knowledge Around Boston

ESL Resources