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NURS 422: Advanced Pharmacology: Home

This guide highlights resources that students can use in their assignments for NURS 422.


Welcome!  This course guide highlights resources that you can use for NURS 422 assignments.

Check out the Nursing Research Guide for more tips and resources.

Resources by Specialty

You can also find guidelines on organization and agency websites. 

Try searching for the organization that is most relevant for your topic, along with the word "guidelines."

Colorful Recommendations

Journal Articles

Not sure where to start?  This interactive tutorial will walk you through how to search for articles on your topic.

Interactive CINAHL Tutorial

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The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides one-on-one tutoring, workshops and presentations to strengthen your academic reading, writing, critical thinking and research skills.  

Check out the Writing Center's Writing Resources for information on academic integrity, documentation styles, and more.

How to Cite Guidelines