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NURS 336: Health Care Policy: Getting Started

This guide offers information and resources for students in NURS 336 - Health Care Policy.

Get to Know Your Topic

1. Read about your topic 2. Make a list of key words & phrases 3. Search for more info

Research is a cyclical process. 

As you learn more about your topic, you'll come across relevant words and phrases that you didn't think to search for the first time.

Consumer Product Information

For some topics, you might find relevant information in consumer product information databases.  Many of these are sponsored by consumer advocacy organizations, and others are run by government agencies.

Start Here

Explore these websites have lots of information about health-related social problems. 

These will help you learn more about your topic and will lead you to other sources.

Get to Know Your Topic

These are general reference sources that cover a wide variety of topics, including health care.

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