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Getting to Course Readings: Getting to Course Readings

Course instructors can use this guide to learn how to provide students access to required readings and other information sources.

Getting to Course Readings


The Library supports faculty in making journal articles, books, audio/visual materials, etc. available to students to as part of their required and recommended course readings. Some materials are available online and some physical materials can be checked out at the Library Service Desk.


Moodle Syllabus Library

Library Search Box:

Try searching here for articles using their titles.

A list of all the required and recommended readings for the course.

The full citations listed here will be your starting point for finding articles, books, etc.

Course Reserves: Search here for books and media your professor has put on reserve for you.


Links to articles available through the Library.


PDFs of some readings (e.g. a single chapter from a book.)

Citation to Article:

The step-by-step instructions below will help you get from a citation to the full-text article.

Or try this interactive tutorial.

Library Service Desk: The location in the Library where you check out books and media.

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Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact the Library: or 617-521-2784

Print these Instructions.

From a Citation to Full-Text Article

Find a Journal Method (most accurate)

From Journals to a Full-Text Article:

There are multiple ways to find a full-text article when you have the citation for it (like the ones listed in a syllabus or article reference list). The following is the most accurate method of getting to the full-text of articles in journals that the Simmons Library subscribes to.

  1. From the Simmons Library homepage (, click on Journals.
  2. Search for the title of the Journal the article was published in.
  3. From the Journal Page, use the year, volume, and issue information to locate the journal issue the article was published in. Select the year from the list. If the year does not appear, select All
  4. Click on the issue number and scroll through the article titles until you locate the one you want to read. If you’re off-campus you’ll be prompted to log in with your Simmons username and password at this point.
  5. Click on the PDF icon in order to download, save or print the article.

Library Search Method (faster)

From Library Search to a Full-Text Article:

This option takes fewer steps, but is not as accurate. If you can’t find an article via Library Search, use the Journals method.

  1. Go to the Simmons Library homepage (
  2. Put the article title into the Library Search Box, and click Search.
  3. Locate the article in the search results by confirming the citation information matches (author(s), journal title, date, volume, issue).
  4. Click on the PDF (or Find Full-Text) icon in order to download, save or print the article.

For long titles, or those with subtitles, search using just the first few words of the article title. See the "Reading an APA Style Article Citation" box below for an example.

Reading an APA Style Article Citation

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Date of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume number(issue number if available), page range.

For example...

Lundahl, B. & Burke, B.L. (2009). The effectiveness and applicability of motivational interviewing: a practice-friendly review of four meta-analyses. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 65(11), 1232-1245.

For the article above, use The effectiveness and applicability of motivational interviewing (the first few words) to find it.