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NURP 410 Research Methods: Welcome!

This course guide is designed to support the 2SN students in NURS 410 and covers Library resources and tools, effective search strategies and examples of scholarly research formats.

What's In This Guide

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How to Use this Guide

This guide is intended to provide you access to the resources you need to be successful in graduate-level nursing research classes as well as tips and tools to effectively and efficiently use them. 

Need help?  Ask a Librarian.

Finding Resources for your Research Methods Assignments

Need help finding articles for your assignments?  Check out the Research Rescue Help Videos!  

Go to the Help Videos page of this guide or click on the video below to find the whole playlist on YouTube.

Link to YouTube playlist

Getting to Know Your Topic

Sometimes you need background information about your topic before you can start searching for articles.  These resources will help you learn a bit more about your topic.

As you read the background info, pay attention to the key terms that seem related to the topic.  Write these down and use them as keywords in your search.


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