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Creating Playlists & Clips in Kanopy: Home

This guide will walk you through the steps to create a playlist of videos in Kanopy and show you how to edit the start/stop times for each.

Create an account and log in

Starting on the Simmons Kanopy website, you'll need to log-in to your Kanopy account to create playlists and/or save clips. To log-in or create an account, click "Sign In" in the upper-right corner. 

If you haven't yet done so, create an account by clicking "Sign up now" at the bottom of the pop-up box. 

Once successfully logged in, you should see your name in the upper-right corner. 

Creating a Playlist

Creating playlists in Kanopy is fairly easy. Once you click on a video you'd like to add to a playlist, click "...More" then "Create Clip/Playlist."

Create Clip/Playlist screenshot

For a new playlist, type in a title and click "Create."

Create New Playlist screenshot

To add the video to an existing playlist, simply find the playlist and click "Add video." 

Existing Playlists screenshot

NOTE: The entire length of the video will be added to the playlist. Please see the "Creating Clips" box to learn how to show snippets of video. 

Creating Clips

To create clips, you first need to add videos to a playlist (for instructions, please see the "Creating a Playlist" box.

Once videos are added to your playlist you can edit the start and end times to make clips instead of a full length video. 

If you have just added a video to a playlist, you can click "Edit playlist."

Existing Playlists screenshot

If you don't see that, don't worry! You can also click your name in the upper-right corner, select "My playlists," then click "Edit."

Each video will have an edit button. By clicking that, you'll have the option to add a description and change the start and end times. 

Want several clips from one video? Click "Duplicate" when editing your playlist.